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Library - Learning + Information skills: How to search online

Keys to success Questioning Finding Selecting Creating Evaluating

Important synonyms

Using Keyword - Synonyms

Refining your search

Too Many results

  • Try narrowing your search by adding further search terms
  • Use quotation marks to specify that words should be kept together as a phrase eg "global warming"
  • if you are searching for journal articles, try limiting your search to keywords in the title or abstract
  • check that you have constructed your search statement correctly and used parentheses if you have included OR
  • consider if your search is too broad

Too few results

  • Use truncation to broaden the search
  • Consider adding some synonyms and alternative search terms to expand the results
  • you may need to repeat your search in multiple databases
  • check for spelling mistakes
  • reconsider the emphasis of your topic

How to evaluate materials

Choosing a Website

CRAPP - evaluate the website