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Library - Learning + Information skills: The Information Cycle

Keys to success Questioning Finding Selecting Creating Evaluating

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Information Research steps

      Step  1 Question

What am I being asked to do?

What are the keywords of the task?

What information do I need?

Do I need new IT skills to fulfill the task? (ask now)

Step 2   Find

Where can I find the information I need?

Which useful books, encyclopedias, newspapers, Internet sites, video clips, etc. can I find?

Where can I find what I need?

Step 3   Select

What information do I use?

Which information do I leave out?

How do I record the information I need in my own words?

Step 4   Create

Do I have enough information?

Do I have all the information I need?

Have I answered the question?

Step 5   Assess

What did I do well?

What did I find difficult?

What could I have done better? How?

What skills do I need to improve?

Information Process