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HIS 9 - Making a Nation: Non European contribution

Macassans and Afghans


Macassan Traders


Afghans    As European settlement moved further west beyond Bourke it became clear that horses would not provide a sustainable mode of transport.

Afghan Cameleers at Bourke, c.1890. Courtesy Collection: Powerhouse   Museum
Afghan Cameleers at Bourke, c.1890. Courtesy Collection: Powerhouse Museum        
The solution was to import camels. Afghan cameleers were recruited to Australia to handle the camels. The introduction of camels and Afghan cameleers proved to be a turning point in the exploration and development of the Australian interior.

South Sea Islanders

Australian South Sea Islanders association

SBS news report on the South Sea Islander being some of the worst treated immigrants to Australian. Some Island countries are seeking an apology or compensation from the Queensland government.

Queensland historical atlas

What was Blackbirding?

German community - NSW - 1900

Image result for australia 1900

German Australian community - From 1850 Germans began to come to Australia

Australian Immigration 1901- 1945