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PDHPE: Better Health for Individuals

Meanings of Health

Short clip of Meanings of Health

Health Promotion

Syllabus Core

Please find the Year 11 Syllabus Core1 Better Health for Individuals here

Deteminants of health

Videos on Public health, environmental and social determinants of health


Air pollution and lung cancer: testimony of a surgeon from New Delhi

Air pollution - from monitoring to action


WASH in health care facilities

Water, sanitation and hygiene for cholera prevention


Let’s act against air pollution!

Climate Change and Health


Exercising in polluted air: a health dilemma

Air pollution and health: How will our children continue to breathe?


Is lead paint a challenge in your country?

Breathe life: Clean Cookstove Video (Nepali w/ English subtitles)


Climate change: A threat to human health

International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action 2014