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ENG 11 - Wide Reading: Poetry

Poems and Poetry

Poetry encompasses multiple forms from traditional Sonnets and Ballads to modern day Performance Poetry and Verse Novels. 

There are many techniques used by poets to craft a memorable piece: onomatopoeia, rhyme, metaphors.

And there are just as many techniques which can be used to analyse and appreciate different kinds of poetry: by looking at the Structure, the Language and the Imagery among others.

The resources listed below will help you in both reading and writing poetry and will provide some inspiration for finding a poet that you enjoy.


Reading and Writing Poetry

Verse novels

Solli Raphael - "Evolution"


Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry which relies on the correct use of syllables for its form.

A haiku has 17 syllables:

5 in the first line.

7 in the second line.

5 in the third line.

Therefore, the words must be chosen very carefully to convey meaning within the confines of the form.

An example from Basho, a master of haiku:

Bamboo Grove

Song of the cuckoo:

In the grove of great bamboos,

Moonlight seeping through.

Poetry as song - Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen was a Canadian poet and novelist who crossed over to song. He published ten books of poetry and as a musician was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008.

Some poetry selections