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ENG 11 - Wide Reading: Other ways to read

Other ways to read

To truly appreciate literature, the reader should explore other text types/forms such as plays, speeches, essays and journal articles. This page will explore these miscellaneous types of writing which all add to the richness of the written word and the appreciation of good writing in its many forms.

Newspaper and magazine articles

Danebank library holds a range of magazines which include some excellent writing.

Newspaper articles

Danebank Library subscribes to online editions of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Daily Telegraph. Other newspapers can be accessed online such as The New York Times and The Guardian. There are exceptional journalists who write for daily newspapers and their writing should be appreciated for its analysis of current events and for the depth that their insight can bring to an issue that is currently in the news. However, newspapers have inherent biases, some lean more to progressive or conservative viewpoints and it is wise to bear this in mind when reading. It is best to read widely and critically so that you gain a balanced understanding.

State Library Literary Databases

These are recommended Databases from the State Library of NSW

You will need your State Library Card - click the link below and enter your library card number to access resources.


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Non Fiction