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Danebank Anglican School for Girls Library

Professional Journals & more


All local  titles can be found in the library catalogue.

Teachers can search Exchange in  for a wider range of titles.  Click  "Add to your library" if you find a useful Exchange title and the library will automatically add it for future use.

PG rated videos can be shown to Year 5 and up.  M rated videos can only be shown to girls in Year 10 and up (year 10 must have the relevant diary permission signed).  To make a video that would otherwise be restricted available, contact the library and a Canvas playlist will be created.

Any questions about - contact Jodie Followes in the Library.

Turn It In

Artificial Intelligence Tools

 Tools like ChatGPT, Magic Write, and Moonbeam can write good responses to most essay questions (especially if it is also on a US curricluum) and have collaborated to create a tool that detects writing created by AI. The tool is called AI Writing Check and it’s available for free to any teacher who wants to use it.  (There will be others but this is the first we've heard of and tested)

To use AI Writing Check you simply have to copy a passage of text of 100 or more words and paste it into AI Writing Check. The tool will then tell you the likelihood that the writing has or has not been created by artificial intelligence. Watch this video to see AI Writing Check in action.

It isn't foolproof and students can still develop ways to get around tools designed to detect AI-generated writing. 

While some schools are trying to ban tools like ChatGPT, the reality is that students will try to use them anyway. Rather than spending a lot of effort banning AI tools, have discussions with students about responsible use of those tools. I’m sure that someone or some group is already working on incorporating those types of discussions into their digital citizenship curriculum.  (with thanks to Richard Byrne Feb 2023)

Booking a Library Space

The library has 4 spaces available for booking by staff for classes.

  • Park Road end (seats a group of 40 at tables)
  • Middle tables (seats a group of up to 30 at tables)
  • ILC (upstairs, seats a group of about 40).  Preference is given to years 10-12 for quiet study.
  • Junior library (seats up to 30 at small tables).  Rarely available.

Only one wide reading class can be booked in a period. 

To book a space, please ask at the circulation desk or email


Text books

Please follow this link to get to your Book Box.   Box of Books

You will need your school login (not school email address) to gain access.

Danebank teachers have access to every etext, heart the ones you use to bring them to the top of your page.

In order to read your textbooks when you don't have internet access, you will need to first get your Bobby Pin code.

You can find this 4 digit code in your Personal Profile which is an option on the left-hand side on the Box of Books site.

Once you have your Bobby Pin, use one of the following step by step guides to download the Box of Books eReader.


Getting started - Reading books offline



Apple iOS


Once installed, use the eReader to read your texts anytime offline. Click on "Get Books" in the top right-hand corner to download all of your books.

When installing the eReader, you may receive a warning message.  Please disregard this message & hit the "Proceed" button to complete the download/install.


Copyright for Teachers


The Official Guide to Copyright Issues for Australian Schools and TAFE

Because of expensive licensing agreements between governments and schools, we have significant freedom to do many things in education.  However, we do not have the right to flout the law!

Relevant teacher professional standards:

1.1.2 Demonstrate high standards of professional practice.

7. 1.1.3 Protect ...professional practice of teaching meets the highest possible standards. In achieving ..... ensuring that they do not breach copyright law or licensing arrangements.

If you are unsure, ASK US!

Ebook Collections

The library buys or subscribes to more than 10,000 ebooks. All are listed and linked in the Library catalogue.

The * collections allow simultaneous access to titles by at least 30 users.

World Book Encyclopedia Online
*  Multiple users.  Encyclopaedia at 3 levels.
 Multiple users. Non-fiction
Overdrive - one user, 3 week loan.  Fiction and non-fiction
 Multiple users. Non-fiction
 Multiple users. Non-fiction
 Wheelers - one user, 3 week loan.  Fiction


Edrolo is used in many Year 11 and 12 courses to supplement teaching and aid revision. 

  • Step 1: Activate accounts
    • Teachers and students activate their Edrolo accounts by following the prompts at
      • P.S. The 6-digit-code for your school is mqs-frn
    • This is the crucial first step – students can only study once logged in!
    • Those who used Edrolo last year can head straight to and click on "Login" in the top right corner. 
  • Step 2: Train students
    • Students should watch the Edrolo Student Training videos (Year 11 is also offered a training session at school)
  • Step 3: Train teachers
    • Teachers should watch the Edrolo Teacher Training videos or direct any queries to Jodie Followes in the library