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ENG 8 - Fractured Fairy Tales: Home

A guide to the wide range of Fractured Fairy Tales which exist within the library

Fractured Fairy Tales


Welcome to the world of Fractured Fairy Tales! 

There are many picture books in the library that have changed the original fairy story to include different characters, different outcomes and sometimes turn the tables or show the story from another viewpoint. They are quite often very funny.

There are also some fractured fairy tales that have been written to tell a deeper, adult story. 

If you search the Library Catalogue under Fractured Fairy Tales under Lists, you will find a large collection listed there.

You can use these as inspiration to fracture your favourite fairy tale by thinking outside the box and imagining the story that YOU want to see.



Fractured Fairy Tales from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show

Little Red Riding Hood

General Fractured Fairy Tales

The Three Little Pigs



Princess Smartypants

Fairy Tales from other cultures

How to write a Fractured Fairy Tale

Sleeping Beauty

Jack and the Beanstalk


General Fractured Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales from other cultures