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GEO 9 - Changing Places : International migration: Home

England, Sudan, China, India, Philippines

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International Migration Assignment


Part 1 /30 marks Prepare a PowerPoint presentation on one of the countries listed below.

England, China, New Zealand.

Slide1 Cover slide including title of your presentation and your name.

Slide 2 Describe how many migrants have settled in Australia from your chosen country in recent times, and where these migrants have mainly settled.

Slides 3, 4 & 5 Describe where and why in Sydney this migrant group has settled. Include a map and statistics to support your answer.

Slide 6 Explain the push factor(s) contributing to their migration to Australia.

Slide 7 Explain the pull factor(s) contributing to their migration to Australia.

Slides 8 & 9 Describe the positive and negative impacts this migrant group has had on the community and culture.

Slide 10 Bibliography in table format outlining the sources used for each slide.

Identify if the source was used for infographics, pictures, statistics, factual information. 

Part 2 : A 20 minute in class extended response on a question relating to the information researched for your PowerPoint. /20 marks 20 marks

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