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Studies of Religion 12 - Stem cell research: Websites


Australian Stem Cell Centre - here you will find information and opinions from medical practitioners, patients, politicians and religious figures, with links to mini documentaries.

Harvard Stem Cell Institute - Up-to-date information on the research

Adelaide Centre for Bioethics


The ethical dilemma  (2015)

Fact sheet of ethics and law in Australia 

Ethical concerns (2014)

Ethics of stem cells

Embryotic Stem cells  (2015)

Parliament of Australia site

Megan Best - Stem Cells - what is the big deal - centre for Public Christianity

Bible perspectives

Believer's magazine

What should Christian think

Possible positives

Possible positive impact on aging

Cerebral Palsy

Religious aspects


Some thoughts of different religious and non-religious private groups on the morality of human cloning are presented here. Aside from the Roman Catholic Church which has a centralized authority, the perspectives within a single religious group are offered by different theologians and can vary.

  • Church of Scotland, Science, Religion and Technology Project, Cloning and Stem Cells Home Page

    "The Society, Religion and Technology Project was begun by the Church of Scotland in 1970, to address wider issues being raised by modern technology." This group seeks balanced consideration of the ethical implications raised by new scientific findings, it informs the church of developments, and contributes to governmental ethical debates. The Cloning and Stem Cells Home Page addresses the ethics and morality of cloning humans and animals and is the best and most extensive Web site exploring cloning from a religious perspective.

  • The Roman Catholic Church

Several statement have been made by the Roman Catholic church condemming any attempt to clone humans. The Pontifical Academy for Life, founded by Pope John Paul II, issued this reflections on cloning and has a page on Cloning and Catholic Ethics.

Regarding the Instruction - Dignitas Personae

Instructions on Human Life


  • Some Jewish Perspectives on Cloning:

Source of above

Anglican Church of NSW  2002 This Website confirm 2015

Summary for Bishop Browning

Australian Catholic Church