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GEO 9 - Natural Disasters in Australia: Home

Use this site as a beginning to your research


A student:

5.1   identifies, gathers and evaluates geographical information

5.2   analyses, organises and synthesises geographical information

5.3   selects and uses appropriate written, oral and graphic forms to communicate geographical information

5.5   demonstrates a sense of place about Australian environments

5.6   explains the geographical processes that forma and tranform Australian environments

5.10  applies geographical knowledge, understanding and skills with knowledge of civics to demonstrate informed and active citizenship.


IS2.2  Analyses the question/task/scenario
IS3.2  Uses interaction with and feedback from teachers and peers to guide inquiry
IS3.3  Collaborates with others to develop new understandings
IS4.3  Develops a focus question 
IS5.1  Finds, evaluates and selects relevant sources

IS5.2  Collaborates with others to solve problems
IS5.4  Uses both divergent and convergent thinking to formulate alternative conclusions 
IS6.3  Synthesises connections between new understandings and real world contexts