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GEO 8 - Global Geography: Home

Year 8

Global Issues

Welcome to Danebank School's  Global Issues Guide for Yr 8

Look for the links that will help you and click on the Tab above the link

A video is provided for each of the countries you have selected. This is only to stimulate your learning - use it to get a feeling for the problems in your chosen country.


Maps of the World

World Responsibility

Library books

Video - World NDI

Video - East Timor

Video - Loas

Video - India

Video - Poverty in Ethiopia

Video - Niger

Video - Rwanda

Video - Ghana

Video - Angola

Video - Cambodia

Video - Nepal

Video - Papua New Guinea

Video - Loas

Video - Kenya

Other Videos for Laos, East Timor and Papua New Guinea


Country Reports

Subject Guide

Types of Climate in the World

What can I do to improve the life of others

For Comparison Top HDI Countries

Can you find Australia and make a comparison to your country