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Extension 2

In the English Extension 2 course students are required to:

  • Complete a Major Work which involves students undertaking extensive independent investigation involving a range of complex texts during the composition process and document this in their Major Work Journal and Reflection Statement.
  • Students can choose to compose in ONE of the following forms:

* short fiction

* creative non-fiction

* poetry

* critical response

* script – short film, television, drama

* podcasts – drama, storytelling, speeches, performance poetry

* multimedia.


Southerly - Available in school library or Full text available from Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre Plus ((NOTE: NOT ALL TITLES WITH FULL TEXT)) 

Overland Full text available from Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre Plus ((NOTE: NOT ALL TITLES WITH FULL TEXT))

New Yorker  - Last 2 years kept in the Library -  Full text available from Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre Plus ((NOTE: NOT ALL TITLES WITH FULL TEXT))

Meanjin - Access through the State Library - full text  (You will need your State Library card)

Screen Education - Full text of each article from No. 89 2018 onwards is available via our library catalogue. Contact the library if the link is not working (it's deliberate).

Marking Criteria

English Ext 2 Marking Guidelines

* Textual integrity
* Quality of insights and concepts, developed through independent investigation, and the communication of developed ideas
* Manipulation of features that shape meaning and response and quality of engagement
Notes from the marking centre - 2012 - Ext 2 English
It contains comments on the Major Works for the 2012 Higher School Certificate, indicating the quality of the Major Works and highlighting their relative strengths and weaknesses.


Course Requirements

HSC English Extension Course 2 Requirements

In the HSC English Extension Course 2 students develop a sustained composition, and document and reflect on this process.

Students undertaking HSC English Extension Course 2 must complete the Major Work.

Major Work

This module requires students to work independently to plan and complete a Major Work in the form of an extended composition. It allows students to select an area of personal interest from their specialised study of English and develop their work in this area to a level of distinction.

Students compose the Major Work as an extension of the knowledge, understanding and skills developed in the English (Advanced) and (Extension) courses. The Major Work is to be substantial. It may be imaginative, investigative, interpretive, analytical or any combination of these. The chosen form and medium must be appropriate to the nature of the task, the student’s interests and abilities and the resources available.

To provide the basis for the Major Work, students undertake ongoing, systematic and rigorous investigation into their chosen area. This investigation process is documented in a journal that demonstrates the processes of inquiry, interprets, analyses and reflects on the knowledge and understanding gained, and explains the stages of the composition of the Major Work.

The Major Work will be assessed internally as a process and externally as a product.

HSC English Extension Course 2 Objectives, Outcome and Content

The table below sets out the content of HSC English Extension Course 2 and illustrates the relationship among the objectives, outcomes and content.


Writer's block

Infographic: Writers on writing and writer's block.:


Extension 2 - Student reflection Statements