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HIS 9 - Australia at War - WWII 1939-1945: Home


A student:

5.1     explains and assesses the historical forces and factors that shaped the modern world and Australia 

5.2     sequences and explains the significant patterns of continuity and change in the development of the modern world and Australia 

5.4     explains and analyses the causes and effects of events and developments in the modern world and Australia

5.5     identifies and evaluates the usefulness of sources in the historical inquiry process 

5.7     explains different contexts, perspectives and interpretations of the modern world and Australia 

5.9     applies a range of relevant historical terms and concepts when communicating an understanding of the past 

5.10     selects and uses appropriate oral, written and digital forms to communicate effectively about the past for different audiences 

The task

You are to complete a research paper and put together a PowerPoint presentation on your research. You will be presenting your research in a PPT format and a speech to the class.

Australians at War - World War II 1939-1945

Research component:

You will be allocated an individual topic and you will prepare a research paper on this topic. You will need to make notes under headings, colelct pictures as part of your research and you can then use this research to put your PPT together.

Oral/PPT component:

You will be required to present an oral to the class, in PowerPoint format: maximum of 8 slides including title page and bibliography page and lasting no more than 5 minutes.

You will be allocated an individual topic for the period of Australia and WWII 1939-1945. During class speeches notes will be taken by every student on each topic presented, as this will form your class notes on Australia and WWII.

You must prepare your presentation using your computer skills and its must be saves in your students fold AND on a USB. A hard copy of your research and PPT must be submitted on the day the orals begin.Your presentation/slides should have a combination of written points and visuals and shoul be clearly set out and legible.





Marking Criteria