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Encyclopaedia Britannica Online This link opens in a new window Since its founding, the Encyclopædia Britannica has relied upon both outside experts and its own editors with various subject-area proficiencies to write its entries. Those entries are then fact-checked, edited, and copyedited by Britannica editors, a process intended to ensure that the articles meet Britannica’s long-held standards for readability and accuracy. Moreover, that same team of editors regularly revise and update existing articles to reflect new developments in those realms of knowledge.
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Alternate Name(s): Britannica Online Encyclopedia Britannica Online
InfoRMIT explore This link opens in a new window InfoRMIT is the leading single source of journal articles, periodicals, books and policy papers written by experts and specialists in Australia. What subjects are covered in Explore? * Australian and global politics * Literature * Business and economics * Indigenous Australia * Health * Media, art and culture * Society * Mental health and psychology * Sustainability and the environment * Technology
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Alternate Name(s): Explore APAIS