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HumourWarRelationshipsHistorical FictionAnimalsHorrorScience FictionSportMystery/CrimeFantasy
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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Adams, Douglas
Call Number: STF ADA
ISBN: 9780330491198
Publication Date: 2002
Seconds before the Earth is demolished to make way for a galactic freeway, Arthur Dent is plucked off the planet by his friend Ford Prefect, a researcher for the revised edition of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy who, for the last fifteen years, has been posing as an out-of-work actor.

Cover Art
Plain Rude - Aronson, Linda
Call Number: STF ARO
ISBN: 0141310642
Publication Date: 2004
When plain-looking Ian Rude lies that he’s a conservationist to get the best looking girl at Yarradindi High, he doesn’t count on being blackmailed by Natasha, the girl who put the ‘mental’ into environmental. Will Ian get the scrumptious Suzie? Will demented Natasha drown him in Syd Pocky’s toilet bowl? Is Ian really an emu whisperer?

Cover Art
Sprung! - Daddo, Andrew
Call Number: STF DAD
ISBN: 0733613888
Publication Date: 2001
Andrew Daddo's wicked collection of short stories will convince you that no matter how much trouble you've been in, you've never known what it's really like to be sprung!

Cover Art
The BFG - Dahl, Roald
Call Number: STF DAH
ISBN: 0141311371
Publication Date: 1982
Just imagine suddenly knowing you may be eaten for breakfast in the very near future; dropping like a rasher of bacon into a frying pan sizzling with fat. This is exactly what worries Sophie when she is snatched from her bed in the middle of the night by a giant with a stride as long as a tennis court. Luckily for Sophie, the BFG is far more humbly than his disgusting neighbours, whose favourite pastime is guzzling and swallomping nice little chiddlers.

Cover Art
Madame Doubtfire - Fine, Anne
Call Number: STF F FIN
ISBN: 0140373551
Publication Date: 1995
Lydia, Christopher and Natalie Hilliard are used to domestic turmoil and have been torn between their warring parents every since the divorce. That all changes when their mother takes on a most unusual cleaning lady. But there's more to Madame Doubtfire than domestic talents.

Madame Doubtfire inspired the highly successful film Mrs Doubtfire.

Cover Art
Just Crazy! - Griffiths, Andy
Call Number: Y JF GRI
ISBN: 0330362151
Publication Date: 2000
Is this the right book for you? Take the CRAZY TEST and find out.

Cover Art
Pizza Cake and Other Funny Stories - Gleitzman, Morris
Call Number: Y JF GLE
ISBN: 9780143305989
Publication Date: 2011
Ten funny stories from a favourite Australian author.

Cover Art
The guy, the girl, the artist and his ex - Gabrielle Williams
ISBN: 9781743319550
Four lives collide when one of the world's most famous paintings is stolen. It's a mystery that has the nation talking, but while Picasso's Weeping Woman might be absent from the walls of the National Gallery, in other parts of Melbourne the controversial painting's presence is being felt by Guy, Rafi, Luke and Penny for four very different reasons.

Life, love, art and one giant party intersect in this offbeat comedy about good intentions, unexpected consequences and the irresistible force of true love.



Cover Art
Dead Actually - Kaz Delaney  Icon
Call Number: F DEL
ISBN: 9781742695211
Publication Date: 2012
Dead, Actually is a scathingly funny and sexy mystery set in the depths of Gold Coast society (is that an oxymoron?). Whatever. You're going to LOL and love it.

Willow's having a bad week. A dead body, a funeral and now she's being haunted by the star of it all, the dead queen of Ruth Throsby High herself, JoJo Grayson.

Being dead hasn't made JoJo any nicer. She's still venomous and vacuous and, unfortunately, determined to stick around unless Willow finds out what happened.

But the mysteries keep multiplying. There's a missing phone. An anonymous blackmailer. Dirty secrets that won't stay buried. And the blame is being cleverly pointed right at Willow.

The only good thing? The gorgeous Seth Pentecost. He's got his own agenda but it looks like he's going to help Willow out. Could JoJo's death be what it takes to finally bring Seth into Willow's life?

Cover Art
Don't Call Me Ishmael - Bauer, Michael Gerard
Call Number: F BAU
ISBN: 1862916667
Publication Date: 2006
There's no easy way to put this, so I'll say it straight out. It's time I faced up to the truth. I'm fourteen years old and I have Ishmael Leseur's Syndrome. There is no cure. And there is no instant cure to not fitting in. But that won't stop Ishmael and his intrepid band of misfits from taking on bullies, bugs, babes, the Beatles, debating, and the great white whale in the toughest, the weirdest, the most embarrassingly awful...and the best year of their lives.

Cover Art
Will - Boyd, Maria
Call Number: F BOY
ISBN: 1741662109
Publication Date: 2006
It all started when Will mooned the girls' school bus. It wasn't his finest moment. And it's the last time William Armstrong will sully the St. Andrew's community, says Principal Waddlehead-er, Waverton.

That's when a teacher worried about Will's home situation comes up with an idea. Why not let Will, a talented guitarist, give back to the school in a progressive manner? Why not have him play in... THE SCHOOL MUSICAL?

Cover Art
Benny & Omar - Colfer, Eoin
Call Number: F COL
ISBN: 0143300571
Publication Date: 2004
Two very different cultures collide in this hilarious book about a young sports fanatic named Benny who is forced to leave his home in Ireland and move with his family to Tunisia. He wonders how he will survive in such an unfamiliar place. Then he teams up with wild and resourceful Omar, and a madcap friendship between the two boys leads to trouble, escapades, a unique way of communicating, and ultimately, a heartbreaking challenge.

Cover Art
Siggy and Amber - MacLeod, Doug
Call Number: F MAC
ISBN: 9780143304388
Publication Date: 2009
Siggy is wrong about Amber. She doesn't have tentacles. Neither does she shrink heads. But Amber is still the most unusual girl that Siggy has ever met. He wants to be with her until the stars turn into fruit salad. First he must make amends for doing something horrible to her shoes.

Cover Art
Tigers on the Beach - Doug MacLeod
Call Number: F MAC
ISBN: 9780143568520
Have you heard the one about the guy who lost a grandfather, but found a girlfriend? It's funny. t's also kind of sad. And some of the bits that are sad are also kind of funny (but only if you laugh at that sort of thing). Adam thinks Samantha could be the one for him. But first he has to sort out his parents crumbling marriage, stop getting into embarrassing situations involving public nudity, find out what's making his gran so angry, stop his little brother doing something really, really dangerous and work out what's so funny about two tigers on the beach. It can't be that hard, can it?

Cover Art
Half my facebook friends are ferrets - J. A. Buckle
Call Number: F BUC
ISBN: 9781782020745
Publication Date: 2015
Fifteen-year-old Josh fantasises about becoming a death metal guitarist complete with tattoos, piercings and hoards of adoring fans. But it¿s not easy when his super-strict mom won¿t let him grow his hair! Luckily Josh has a way of coping with life¿s setbacks; it¿s only a diary, but it contains all Josh¿s hopes, dreams and frustrations (not to mention some great ideas for band names and lyrics!). There¿s a lot he wants to get done before his 16th birthday, but things never turn out quite like he plans¿ What Josh doesn¿t know is that his mother also kept a diary, back about the time he was born, and a secret in there holds the key to Josh¿s life becoming a whole lot more metal.



Cover Art
Adults only - Morris Gleitzman
Call Number: F GLE
ISBN: 0141308370
Publication Date: 2001
The kitchen was a mess. Packets and jars had been flung around. Half the stuff in the fridge was on the floor. There was a trail of flour running along the passage.

For a second Jake thought one of the magazine people must have had an urge to make a cake and decided to do it in their room.

Or was someone else in the house?

Jake's an only kid.
He's the only kid in his family.
He's the only kid on his island.
Or that's what he thinks.

Cover Art
ForrestGump - Groom, Winston
Call Number: F GRO
ISBN: 0552996092
Publication Date: 1994
Meet Forrest Gump, the lovable, herculean, and surprisingly savvy hero of this remarkable comic odyssey. After accidentally becoming the star of Univerity of Alabama's football team, Forrest goes on to become a Vietnam War hero, a world-class Ping-Pong player, a villainous wrestler, and a business tycoon -- as he wonders with childlike wisdom at the insanity all around him

Cover Art
Flushed - Andrew Daddo
Call Number: F DAD
Publication Date: 2004
A hilarious collection of stories about sports on and off the field from a high profile author and illustrator. Tennis, ice skating, football, snogging.

Andrew Daddo’s latest collection of stories will have you laughing out loud one minute and cringing with embarrassed recognition the next at the sorts of things we do to become ‘good sports’, both on and off the field.

Cover Art
The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4 - Sue Townsend
Call Number: F TOW
ISBN: 9780141046426
Publication Date: 1982
Meet Adrian Mole, a hapless teenager providing an unabashed, pimples-and-all glimpse into adolescent life. Telling us candidly about his parents' marital troubles, The Dog, and his life as a tortured poet and 'misunderstood intellectual', Adrian's painfully honest diary is still hilarious and compelling reading thirty years after it first appeared.


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