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Historical Fiction Print Page

Historical Fiction

Cover Art
Girl with a Pearl Earring - Tracy Chevalier
ISBN: 9780452287020
Publication Date: 2005-08-30
Griet, the young daughter of a tilemaker in 17th century Holland, obtains her first job as a servant in Vermeer's household. She loves being drawn into his artistic life, but the cost to her own survival may be high.

Cover Art
Joy Luck Club - Amy Tan
Call Number: F TAN
ISBN: 9780749399573
In 1949, four Chinese women begin meeting in San Francisco for fun. Nearly 40years later, their daughters continue to meet as the Joy Luck Club. 8 CD. Unabridged.

Cover Art
A Tale of Two Families - Jenny Pausacker
ISBN: 186504265X
Publication Date: 2000
Jan Packard starts a diary because she is bored ... and suddenly she finds there is such a lot happening around her. Family, friends and neighbours all seem to be changing and doing things she had never expected.

Then quiet Jan decides it's time to become involved herself.

It's the '70s.

Cover Art
The Three Musketeers - Alexandre Dumas; Lowell Bair (Translator)
ISBN: 0553213377
Publication Date: 1984-06-01
When hot-blooded young d'Artagnan comes to Paris to seek his fortune, he finds himself challenged to a duel with not one, but three of the King's Musketeers. But Athos, Porthos and Aramis are to become his greatest friends, and companions in dangerous adventure when he becomes embroiled in the intrigues of the Court and the beautiful, evil Lady de Winter.

Cover Art
The Catcher in the Rye - J. D. Salinger
ISBN: 014023750X
Publication Date: 1991-05-01
The hero-narrator of THE CATCHER IN THE RYE is an ancient child of sixteen, a native New Yorker named Holden Caulfield. Through circumstances that tend to preclude adult, secondhand description, he leaves his prep school in Pennsylvania and goes underground in New York City for three days. The boy himself is at once too simple and too complex for us to make any final comment about him or his story. Perhaps the safest thing we can say about Holden is that he was born in the world not just strongly attracted to beauty but, almost, hopelessly impaled on it. There are many voices in this novel: children's voices, adult voices, underground voices-but Holden's voice is the most eloquent of all. Transcending his own vernacular, yet remaining marvelously faithful to it, he issues a perfectly articulated cry of mixed pain and pleasure. However, like most lovers and clowns and poets of the higher orders, he keeps most of the pain to, and for, himself. The pleasure he gives away, or sets aside, with all his heart. It is there for the reader who can handle it to keep.

Cover Art
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Robert Louis Stevenson; Francois Place (Illustrator)  Icon
ISBN: 0670888710
Publication Date: 2000-03-01
This intriguing combination of fantasy thriller and moral allegory depicts the gripping struggle of two opposing personalities — one essentially good, the other evil — for the soul of one man. Its tingling suspense and intelligent and sensitive portrayal of man's dual nature reveal Stevenson as a novelist of great skill and originality, whose power to terrify and move us remains, over a century later, undiminished.

Cover Art
Uncle Tom's Cabin - Harriet Beecher Stowe; Keith Carabine (Contribution by, Intro and Notes by)
ISBN: 1840224029
Publication Date: 1999-01-01
Stowe's novel tells the stories of three slaves — Tom, Eliza, and George — who start out together in Kentucky, but whose lives take different turns. Eliza and George, who are married to each other but owned by different masters, manage to escape to free territory with their little boy, Harry. Tom is not so lucky. He is taken away from his wife and children. Tom is sold first to a kind master, Augustine St. Clare, and then to the fiendish Simon Legree, at whose hands he meets his death. Stowe relied upon images of domesticity, motherhood, and Christianity to capture her nineteenth century audience's hearts and imaginations. In spite of the critical controversy surrounding the book, the characters of Uncle Tom, Little Eva, and Simon Legree have all achieved legendary status in American culture. Often called sentimental and melodramatic, Uncle Tom's Cabin nevertheless endures as a powerful example of moral outrage over man's inhumanity to man.

Cover Art
Where my heart used to beat - Faulks, Sebastian
Call Number: F FAU
ISBN: 9780091936846
Publication Date: 2015
Summary: On a small island off the south coast of France, Robert Hendricks, an English doctor who has seen the best and the worst the twentieth century had to offer, is forced to confront the events that made up his life. His search for sanity takes him back through the war in Italy in 1944, to a passionate love that seems to hold out hope, to the great days of idealistic work in the 1960s and finally, unforgettably, back into the trenches of the Western Front.

Cover Art
The taming of the Queen - Gregory, Philippa
Call Number: F GRE
ISBN: 9781471132988
Publication Date: 2015
Summary: Why would a woman marry a serial killer? Because she cannot refuse... Kateryn Parr, a thirty-year-old widow in a secret affair with a new lover, has no choice when a man old enough to be her father who has buried four wives - King Henry VIII - commands her to marry him. Kateryn has no doubt about the danger she faces: the previous queen lasted sixteen months, the one before barely half a year. But Henry adores his new bride and Kateryn's trust in him grows as she unites the royal family, creates a radical study circle at the heart of the court, and rules the kingdom as Regent. But is this enough to keep her safe? A leader of religious reform and the first woman to publish in English, Kateryn stands out as an independent woman with a mind of her own. But she cannot save the Protestants, under threat for their faith, and Henry's dangerous gaze turns on her.The traditional churchmen and rivals for power accuse her of heresy - the punishment is death by fire and the king's name is on the warrant... (Back cover)


Historical Fiction

Cover Art
Rebecca - Daphne De Maurier  Icon  Icon
Call Number: F DE
ISBN: 0099866005
With these words, the reader is ushered into an isolated gray stone mansion on the windswept Cornish coast, as the second Mrs. Maxim de Winter recalls the chilling events that transpired as she began her new life as the young bride of a husband she barely knew. For in every corner of every room were phantoms of a time dead but not forgotten—a past devotedly preserved by the sinister housekeeper, Mrs. Danvers: a suite immaculate and untouched, clothing laid out and ready to be worn, but not by any of the great house's current occupants. With an eerie presentiment of evil tightening her heart, the second Mrs. de Winter walked in the shadow of her mysterious predecessor, determined to uncover the darkest secrets and shattering truths about Maxim's first wife—the late and hauntingly beautiful Rebecca.

Cover Art
A Girl Like Me - Penny Matthews
ISBN: 9780143011484
Publication Date: 2010
Their lives couldn't be more different, but Emmie can't help liking Bertha Schippan. She's funny and knowing and wild, and she distracts Emmie from the monotony of farm life in their tiny, isolated community. But, as Emmie soon discovers, Bertha has secrets. Terrible secrets. This heartbreaking story is based on a real crime that took place more than a century ago, capturing headlines all around Australia.

Cover Art
A World Apart - Peter McAra  Icon
Call Number: F MCA
ISBN: 9780857990860
Publication Date: 2013
A sweeping Australian historical saga that crosses oceans to prove love conquers all...
April, 1820. As children, they shared a schoolroom, but no education can remove the stain of being peasant-born. So when Eliza Downing begins to blossom into womanhood and the future Viscount de Havilland notices, his family steps in to intervene.
Once full of possibilities, Eliza's life spirals into shame and degradation, culminating finally in a false conviction and transport to Botany Bay. Through shipwreck, exile, secrets, and scandals, Eliza holds fast to the belief that Harry will come for her — but he doesn't come soon enough, and Eliza must learn to recognise her own value and become the heroine of her own story.

Cover Art
Mornings in Jenin - Susan Abulhawa
Call Number: F ABU
Publication Date: 2010
Palestine, 1941. In the small village of Ein Hod a father leads a procession of his family and workers through the olive groves. As they move through the trees the green fruits drop onto the orchard floor; the ancient cycle of the seasons providing another bountiful harvest. 1948. The Abulheja family are forcibly removed from their ancestral home in Ein Hod and sent to live in a refugee camp in Jenin. Through Amal, the bright granddaughter of the patriarch, we witness the stories of her brothers: one, a stolen boy who becomes an Israeli soldier; the other who in sacrificing everything for the Palestinian cause will become his enemy. Amal's own dramatic story threads its way through six decades of Palestinian-Israeli tension, eventually taking her into exile in Pensylvania in America. Amal's is a story of love and loss, of childhood, marriage and parenthood, and finally the need to share her history with her daughter, to preserve the greatest love she has. Richly told and full of humanity, Mornings in Jeninforces us to take a fresh look at one of the defining political conflicts of our lifetime. It is an extraordinary debut.

Cover Art
Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens; Lester M. Schulman (Adapted by); Jean Zallinger (Illustrator)  Icon  Icon
ISBN: 9780307758910
Publication Date: 2010-12-08
Oliver is an orphan living on the dangerous London streets with no one but himself to rely on. Fleeing from poverty and hardship, he falls in with a criminal street gang who will not let him go, however hard he tries to escape.

One of the most swiftly moving and unified of Charles Dickens's great novels, Oliver Twist is also famous for its re-creation--through the splendidly realized figures of Fagin, Nancy, the Artful Dodger, and the evil Bill Sikes--of the vast London underworld of pickpockets, thieves, prostitutes, and abandoned children. Victorian critics took Dickens to task for rendering this world in such a compelling, believable way, but readers over the last 150 years have delivered an alternative judgment by making this story of the orphaned Oliver Twist one of its author's most loved works.

Cover Art
Huckleberry Finn - Mark Twain  Icon
ISBN: 9781438160467
Publication Date: 1994-05-26
Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is regarded by many as the greatest literary achievement America has yet produced. Inspired by many of the author's own experiences as a riverboat pilot, the book tells of two runaways—a white boy and a black man—and their journey down the mighty Mississippi River.

Cover Art
Measuring the world - C\Daniel Kehlmann
Call Number: F KEH
ISBN: 9780307277398
Publication Date: 2007
Measuring the World marks the debut of a glorious new talent on the international scene. Young Austrian writer Daniel Kehlmann's brilliant comic novel revolves around the meeting of two colossal geniuses of the Enlightenment.Late in the eighteenth century, two young Germans set out to measure the world. One of them, the aristocratic naturalist Alexander von Humboldt, negotiates jungles, voyages down the Orinoco River, tastes poisons, climbs the highest mountain known to man, counts head lice, and explores and measures every cave and hill he comes across. The other, the reclusive and barely socialized mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, can prove that space is curved without leaving his home. Terrifyingly famous and wildly eccentric, these two polar opposites finally meet in Berlin in 1828, and are immediately embroiled in the turmoil of the post-Napolean world.


Historical Fiction

Cover Art
Under the persimmon tree - Suzanne Fisher Staples.
Call Number: F STA
ISBN: 0744555973
Set in the Middle Ages, this is a story of Birdy, the teenage daughter of a minor lord and lady in Lincolnshire. Birdy keeps a diary and as her father tries to marry her off to different suitors she records not only her reactions and evasions but also presents a clear portrait of life in the Middle Ages.In this funny and engrossing novel, Catherine may sound like a medieval Adrian Mole but the Author’s Note provides background information that helps to position the reader in the historical reality.

Cover Art
Secret River - Kate Grenville
Call Number: F GRE
ISBN: 1921145250
Publication Date: 2006
After a childhood of poverty and petty crime in the slums of London, William Thornhill is sentenced in 1806 to be transported to New South Wales for the term of his natural life. With his wife Sal and children in tow, he arrives in a harsh land that feels at first like a death sentence. But among the convicts there is a whisper that freedom can be bought, an opportunity to start afresh.Away from the infant township of Sydney, up the Hawkesbury River, Thornhill encounters men who have tried to do just that: Blackwood, who is attempting to reconcile himself with the place and its people, and Smasher Williams, whose fear of this alien world turns into brutal depravity towards it. As Thornhill and his family stake their claim on a patch of ground by the river, the battle lines between old and new inhabitants are drawn.The Secret River joins a tradition of grand historical fiction that stretches from Thomas Keneally's The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith and Peter Carey's True History of the Kelly Gang.

Cover Art
Emma - Jane Austen  Icon  Icon
ISBN: 9781441797339
Publication Date: 2013-11-04
Often considered to be Jane Austen's finest work, Emma is the story of a charmingly self-deluded heroine whose injudicious matchmaking schemes often lead to substantial mortification. Emma, "handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition, seemed to unite some of the best blessings of existence; and had lived nearly twenty-one years in the world with very little to distress or vex her." Her own great fortune has blinded Emma to the true feelings and motivations of others and leads her to some hilarious misjudgments. But it is through her mistakes that Emma finds humility, wisdom, and true love. Told with the shrewd wit and delicate irony which have made Jane Austen a master of the English novel, Emma is a comic masterpiece whose fanciful heroine has gained the affection of generations of readers.

Cover Art
Great Expectations - Charles Dickens; Douglas L. Glickman (Contribution by); Christy Lusiak (Contribution by)  Icon  Icon
ISBN: 9780756633295
Publication Date: 2007-12-17
n what may be Dickens's best novel, humble, orphaned Pip is apprenticed to the dirty work of the forge but dares to dream of becoming a gentleman — and one day, under sudden and enigmatic circumstances, he finds himself in possession of "great expectations." In this gripping tale of crime and guilt, revenge and reward, the compelling characters include Magwitch, the fearful and fearsome convict; Estella, whose beauty is excelled only by her haughtiness; and the embittered Miss Havisham, an eccentric jilted bride.

Cover Art
The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald  Icon  Icon
ISBN: 0140180672
Publication Date: 2004-09-30
The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s third book, stands as the supreme achievement of his career. This exemplary novel of the Jazz Age has been acclaimed by generations of readers. The story of the fabulously wealthy Jay Gatsby and his love for the beautiful Daisy Buchanan, of lavish parties on Long Island at a time when The New York Times noted “gin was the national drink and sex the national obsession,” it is an exquisitely crafted tale of America in the 1920s.

The Great Gatsby is one of the great classics of twentieth-century literature.

Cover Art
Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy
Call Number: F TOL
ISBN: 9781620116906
Publication Date: 2002
rebellious Anna, renounces a respectable yet stifling marriage for an extramarital affair that offers a taste of passion even as it ensnares her in a trap for destruction. Her story contrasts with that of Levin, a young self-doubting agnostic who takes a different path to fulfilment and finds faith and marital bliss in an age of repression.

Cover Art
The Inquisitor - Catherine Jinks
Call Number: F JIN
ISBN: 0330361945
Publication Date: 1999
I hereby record those events which took place in and around the city of Lazet relating to the assassination of our venerable Brother Augustin Duese in the year of the Incarnate Word, 1318.

Cover Art
Freedom Ride - Sue Lawson
ISBN: 9781925126525
Robbie knows bad things happen in Walgaree. But it’s nothing to do with him. That’s just the way the Aborigines have always been treated. In the summer of 1965 racial tensions in the town are at boiling point, and something headed Walgaree’s way will blow things apart. It’s time for Robbie to take a stand. Nothing will ever be the same.


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