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When invisible children sing - Chi Huang
Call Number: BOI 362.7086
ISBN: 9781414353111
Publication Date: 2004
Expecting to treat some mildly ill children from the streets of Bolivia on a quick "service trip," an idealistic young medical student gets more than he bargained for when he takes a year off from Harvard Medical School to work at an orphanage in La Paz. As he comes to know the children and sees how they live, Chi Huang is drawn deeper and deeper into their complex and desperate lives. The doctor soon realizes that to truly help these children, he will have to follow the example of Jesus: live among them, love them in spite of their brokenness, and cling to his faith in God's goodness, even when it appears it is nowhere to be found. A true story that will inspire and challenge readers to greater faith and action.

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Riding the Black Cockatoo - John Danalis; Boori Monty Pryor (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9781741753776
Publication Date: 2010-04-01
All through his growing-up years, John Danalis's family had an Aboriginal skull on the mantelpiece; yet only as an adult after enrolling in an Indigenous Writing course did he ask his family where it came from and whether it should be restored to its rightful owners. This is the compelling story of how the skull of an Aboriginal man, found on the banks of the Murray River more than 40 years ago, came to be returned to his Wamba Wamba descendants. It is a story of awakening, atonement, forgiveness, and friendship. "It is as if a whole window into Indigenous culture has blown open, not just the window, but every door in the house," says John Danalis. Part history, part detective story, part cultural discovery and emotional journey, this is a book for young and old, showing the transformative and healing power of true reconciliation.

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The Diary of Anne Frank - Anne Frank; Michael Marland; Christopher Martin  Icon
ISBN: 058201736X
Publication Date: 1946-01-01
Anne Frank's unique diary, describing her family's plight during the Nazi persecution, is accompanied by substantial background material and photographs to help students to contextualise this teenager's account.

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Nancy Wake :A biography of our greatest war heroine - Peter Fitzsimons  Icon
Call Number: 940.53092 FIT
ISBN: 0732269199
Publication Date: 2001
In the early 1930s, Nancy Wake was a young woman enjoying a bohemian life in Paris. By the end of the Second World War, she was the Gestapo′s most wanted person. As a naïve, young journalist, Nancy Wake witnessed a horrific scene of Nazi violence in a Viennese street. From that moment, she declared that she would do everything in her power to rid Europe of the Nazis. What began as a courier job here and there became a highly successful escape network for Allied soldiers, perfectly camouflaged by Nancy′s high-society life in Marseille. Her network was soon so successful - and so notorious - that she was forced to flee France to escape the Gestapo, who had dubbed her "the white mouse" for her knack of slipping through its traps. But Nancy was a passionate enemy of the Nazis and refused to stay away. Supplying weapons and training members of a powerful underground fighting force, organising Allied parachute...

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Jacky Daydream - Jacqueline Wilson
ISBN: 9780385610155
Publication Date: 2007
Jacqueline Wilson, Britain's Children's Laureate, takes a look back at her own childhood in this captivating story of friendships, loneliness, books, toys, parents and much more. With photographs and new illustrations by Nick Sharratt, this book will delight all of Jacky's fans -- and be a treat for new readers too.



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The Complete Persepolis - Marjane Satrapi
ISBN: 9780375714832
Publication Date: 2007-10-30
Here, in one volume: Marjane Satrapi's best-selling, internationally acclaimed memoir-in-comic-strips. Persepolis is the story of Satrapi's unforgettable childhood and coming of age within a large and loving family in Tehran during the Islamic Revolution; of the contradictions between private life and public life in a country plagued by political upheaval; of her high school years in Vienna facing the trials of adolescence far from her family; of her homecoming--both sweet and terrible; and, finally, of her self-imposed exile from her beloved homeland. It is the chronicle of a girlhood and adolescence at once outrageous and familiar, a young life entwined with the history of her country yet filled with the universal trials and joys of growing up. Edgy, searingly observant, and candid, often heartbreaking but threaded throughout with raw humor and hard-earned wisdom-- Persepolis is a stunning work from one of the most highly regarded, singularly talented graphic artists at work today.

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Life Without Limits - Nick Vujicic  Icon
ISBN: 9781742693330
Publication Date: 2011
The life story of the amazingly gutsy Nick Vujicic, who despite being born without arms or legs has an unbelievably infectious zest for life and now travels the world as highly successful motivational speaker.
Life Without Limits is the story of gutsy Nick Vujicic, an amazing 28-year-old Aussie born without arms or legs who is now an internationally successful inspirational speaker. Packed full of wisdom, testimonials of his faith and laugh-out-loud humour, Nick tells of life in his 'Chesty Bond' body, his visit to Africa at the age of 20 where he gave away $20,000 of his life savings to the poor, and raised another $20,000 for them on the side, and how he learned to surf, skateboard, dive and more.
Noting that 'perfection isn't always perfect' and that 'brokenness can be a good thing', Nick shows how he learned to accept what he could not control and focus instead on what he could. He encourages everyone to find their life's purpose and, whatever their obstacles...

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Fires! - Tanya Lloyd Kyi
ISBN: 0143302183
Publication Date: 2004-09-04
Ten gripping stories of the most disastrous blazes.

Fire is a powerful force, something that fills us with awe and fear.

Full of drama and desperation, the ten stories in Fires! look at some of the most destructive fires in human history: from the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 to the 1991 Kuwait oil well fires. At the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, firefighters entered radioactive zones to help prevent more explosions. When a theater in Vienna burst into flames in 1881, the crew and fire wardens ran for the escape routes, leaving the doomed audience trapped. Bad navigation in Halifax Harbour in 1917 resulted in one of the largest man-made explosions in history. London's 1666 fire flattened the city -- over 80 percent of it was destroyed.

Fires! forcefully conveys the blinding flames, the choking smoke, and the waves of heat that bring humans face-to-face with one of the world's mightiest natural forces.

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Wandering Girl - Glenyse Ward  Icon
ISBN: 0731616235
Publication Date: 1992-04-22
Glenyse Ward was taken from her Aboriginal mother and put into Wandering Mission in the south-west of Western Australia to grow up in a regimented and enclosed world of German nuns. At sixteen, again without choice, she was sent away to a wealthy farm to be little more than a slave. Soon Glenyse was wishing she was back at the Mission. A weaker spirit would have been crushed but Glenyse is supported by Bill, the old handyman, and her friend, Anne, who is working on a nearby farm. They manage to find friendship and good humour in between their endless chores. But they need to escape to a brighter and better future.



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In Japan the crickets cry - Ronald Clements
Call Number: 271 CLE
ISBN: 9781854249708
Publication Date: 2010
How could Steve Metcalf forgive the Japanese?
Steve and his classmates at the Chefoo school in China--for the most part the children of missionaries--were interned in 1942. Resentment of the Japanese, particularly the brutal prison guards, became a way of life.Eric Liddell, by then a missionary and fellow internee, and a hero to the boy, charged him with an impossible challenge--pray for his enemies. But was it really possible to pray for the men who stood guard over them with guns? Painfully, reluctantly, Steve began to pray and as he continued to pray, his heart was profoundly changed. At the end of the war the China Inland Mission (now OMF International) was seeking young men willing to go to Japan. Steve trained, packed, and went.

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My Place - Sally Morgan
ISBN: 0949206318
Publication Date: 2010-04-01
In 1982, Sally Morgan travelled back to her grandmother’s birthplace. What started as a tentative search for information about her family, turned into an overwhelming emotional and spiritual pilgrimage. My Place is a moving account of a search for truth into which a whole family is gradually drawn, finally freeing the tongues of the author’s mother and grandmother, allowing them to tell their own stories.

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Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence - Doris Pilkington Garimara  Icon
ISBN: 0702233552
Publication Date: 2013-10-01
This extraordinary story of courage and faith is based on the actual experiences of three girls who fled from the repressive life of Moore River Native Settlement, following along the rabbit-proof fence back to their homelands. Assimilationist policy dictated that these girls be taken from their kin and their homes in order to be made white. Settlement life was unbearable with its chains and padlocks, barred windows, hard cold beds, and horrible food. Solitary confinement was doled out as regular punishment. The girls were not even allowed to speak their language. Of all the journeys made since white people set foot on Australian soil, the journey made by these girls born of Aboriginal mothers and white fathers speaks something to everyone.

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Unpolished Gem - Alice Pung
ISBN: 186395158X
Publication Date: 2006-01-01
This story does not begin on a boat. So commences Alice Pung''s memoir. This is an original take on a classic story – how a child of immigrants moves between two cultures. In place of piety and predictability, however, Unpolished Gem offers a vivid and ironic sense of both worlds. It combines the story of Pung''s life growing up in suburban Footscray with the inherited stories of the women in her family – stories of madness, survival and heartbreak. Original and brave, this is a girl''s own story that introduces an unforgettable voice and captures the experience of Asian immigrants to Australia.

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Blue ribbons, bitter bread : the life of Joice NanKivell Loch - Susanna De Vries
Call Number: 361.7 DE
ISBN: 0958540853
Publication Date: 2004
Most decorated Australian
JOICE LOCH was an extraordinary Australian. She had the inspired courage that saved many hundreds of Jews and Poles in World War II, the compassion that made her a self-trained doctor to tens of thousands of refugees, the incredible grit that took her close to death in several theatres of war, and the dedication to truth and justice that shone forth in her own books and a lifetime of astonishing heroism.

Cover Art
Australia: Locked Up - John Nicholson
ISBN: 1741146097
Publication Date: 2006
FROM KING LASH TO RAZOR WIRE The story of Australia's prisons from the First Fleet to today Our prisons, detention centres and camps have housed convicts, prisoners of war, Aborigines, women, children, refugees and asylum seekers. Brutal floggings, hangings, the stocks and the treadmill are part of the story; so are pardons, evening classes and picnics for prisoners. Packed with information and prompting fundamental questions about our society, Australia Locked Up is stern but illuminating reading. John Nicholson is a multi-award-winning author with a passion for Australian history, architecture and social justice.


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