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Studies of Religion - 12 Martin Luther and the Reformation  

Explain the contribution to the development and expression of Christianity of the Reformer Martin Luther - analyse his impact on Christianity
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How a monk and a mallet changed the world - Stephen Nichols  Icon  Icon
Call Number: Overdrive - ebook
Publication Date: 2007
Mention history and some might struggle to stifle a yawn. But when presented as a narrative it can often be compelling reading. Stephen J. Nichols takes a key period in time, the Reformation, and presents its major players in a fresh way. From Martin Luther, a simple monk who wielded the mallet, to kings and queens, this book goes behind the scenes to uncover the human side of these larger-than-life Reformers. Along the way readers meet Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin, Kings Henry VIII and Edward VI, Lady Jane Grey, Anne Bradstreet, and many others. For those wanting to see history in its context, Nichols also provides a sampling of primary source materials. It is an engaging read that will remind readers of the foundational truths that can never be taken for granted by the church in any age. Includes numerous illustrations.

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The Reformation - Kenneth Appold
Call Number: Overdrive - eBook

Martin Luther - the later years - Audio Book  Icon
Martin Luther: The Later Years and Legacy – Dig into the forgotten years of Luther’s life from 1524 until his death in 1546, including his family, his hymns, his writings, and his legacy. A companion issue to Martin Luther: the Early Years.
A study of the many different legacies left by Martin Luther.

Martin Luther the early years - Audio book  Icon
Publication Date: 2006
Martin Luther: The Early Years – Follow the dramatic early years of Luther’s life as he came to a new understanding of justification by faith, nailed his 95 theses, and sparked the Protestant Reformation.
A look at many different aspects of how Martin Luther became the Father of the Reformation.

Martin Luther - Audio book  Icon
Publication Date: 2002
The life of Martin Luther is a stirring tale of God's grace. Few men have influenced the Christian church more than Luther. This readable biography by J. A. Morrison provides an honest account of the accomplishments of this remarkable man of God. J. A. Morrison dedicates this book to "Youth of the Land." It is the inspiring story of a man who was born to poverty in 1483, who was beaten in school on a regular basis, but who rose above circumstances to change the course of history.


Library Books

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Martin Luther: Hero of the Reformation - Cyril Davey
Call Number: 270.6092 DAV
Publication Date: 1992
Relates the story of Martin Luther's life, focussing particularly on his struggles with the Catholic church, and his influence on the reforms of the Christian world which followed.

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The Protestant Revolution - William G Naphy
Call Number: 280 NAP
Publication Date: 2007
Early chapter of this book

Historian William Naphy asks how the actions of an obscure German monk are still shaping our modern world. When Martin Luther nailed 95 criticisms of the Catholic Church to the door of his local church in 1517, he sparked not just a religious reformation, but an unending cycle of political, social, and economic change that continues to this day. By challenging the authority of the Pope, Luther inadvertently unleashed a revolutionary force#151;the power of the individual to determine his or her own thoughts and actions. Naphy demonstrates hownbsp;more thannbsp;four centuries later, Protestant minister Martin Luther King, Jr. was acting on the same revolutionary principle when he rejected racial discrimination and spearheaded the civil rights movement. The legacy of the Reformation is all around us, influencing our work life, family life, sex life, and political views. From literature to science, from gay marriage to the "War on Terror," a vibrant struggle for Protestant principles is alive.

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Inside the Reformation - Mark Sengele
Call Number: 270.6 INS
Publication Date: 2012
Inside the Reformation is a visual journey through the Reformation with concise text and richly designed pages. While not laid out as a traditional history book, it communicates the same information through pictures, illustrations, and short articles in a fun way. This book makes a great addition to school libraries, classrooms, and personal collections.

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Luther Gold - Ray Comfort
Call Number: 284.1092 COM
Publication Date: 2009
Luther wrote, Faith is a living, daring confidence in God's grace, so sure and certain that a man could stake his life on it a thousand times. Ray Comfort has gleaned glistening gold from the writings of this great man of God, who changed the course of Western civilization through the Protestant Reformation. He shows how Luther's thoughts and writings continue to show forth the need for evangelism in our present day. Martin Luther taught that salvation is a free gift of God that is not based on works. It can only be received by grace through faith in Jesus. (See Ephesians 2:8-9.) This same message is what people need to hear today.

Cover Art
Martin Luther - A concise history of his life and works - John Scholfield
Call Number: 284.1092 SCH
Publication Date: 2010
Martin Luther was so angered by the sale of indulgences (pardons for sins granted by the Pope) that, in 1517, he nailed 95 arguments for reform of the Roman Catholic Church to the doors of the church and the castle at Wittenberg. This act began one of the most momentous periods of change in history: the Reformation. So much has been written on Luther that it's difficult for a beginner to know where to start. This book is an introduction, succinct and readable, but substantial and not skimpy. It covers or summarizes Luther's major works and the main events of his life, and it invites the reader to meet him at his study desk, in the lecture hall, in the pulpit, at the dinner table.

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Martin Luther - The Cambridge Companion - Edited by Donald McKim
Call Number: 284. 1092 MAR
Publication Date: 2003
Martin Luther (1483–1546) stands as one of the giant figures in history. His activities, writings, and legacy have had a huge effect on the western world. This Cambridge Companion provides an accessible introduction to Martin Luther for students of theology and history and for others interested in the life, work and thought of the first great Protestant reformer. The book contains eighteen chapters by an international array of major Luther scholars. Historians and theologians join here to present a full picture of Luther's contexts, the major themes in his writings, and the ways in which his ideas spread and have continuing importance today. Each chapter serves as a guide to its topic and provides further reading for additional study. The Companion will assist those with little or no background in Luther studies, while teachers and Luther specialists will find this accessible volume an invaluable aid to their work.

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Luther - a guide for the perplexed - David M. Whitford
Call Number: 284.1092 WHI
Publication Date: 2011
"Martin Luther is for the most part fascinating, sometimes annoying, and for many people perplexing: Whitford provides an insight to the reformer's biographical context, his theological foundations and primarily his political theory.

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Protestantism - Leslie Dunstan
Call Number: 280 PRO
Publication Date: 1961
This volume proceeds from Pre-reformation suggestions of Protestantism through the great reformers and their doctrines to the development of modern movements. With this historical background the reader is introduced to the inner life of the Protestant creed : its concept of the Church ; its attitude towards scripture ; its understanding of experience, tradition and faith ; its relation to science and humanism ; and its view of the destiny of man


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